Bunn-O-Matic Individual Paper Filter Roll

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Unique Paper Filter Roll is developed to be used along with the BUNN Sure Immersion Bean to Cup computer for also clarity and also distribution in the glass of yours. It does work within Sure Immersion models to allow for the extraction method, a hybrid of immersion and also air filtration system drip brewing that imitates different single cup steps. Fresh air Infusion procedure makes it possible for increasing or perhaps decreasing body as well as for the unlocking and development of delicate taste qualities. This hybrid car brewing brings together the very best of these 2 operations, seeing to it each glass of Sure Immersion premium coffee gives off the zest and also aroma you want. The roll of paper air purifier is not difficult to put in. The magnetic energy generators per usage about 5 1/2" of newspaper each and every glass therefore the roll will last roughly 1,472 cups based on the version.

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